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We are well into the information age and most businesses are literally awash in data from both internal systems and purchased data from vendors, yet it has been my experience that most have barely begun to tap this precious data resource.

I help businesses get it all sorted and simplified for effective use as a management tool. Years of experience as a data analyst, programmer, project manager and an entrepreneur provides me with a unique perspective on what information is relevant and how to tie disparate information sources together and expose this data for use by reports and advanced analytics.

The numbers tell a story and you write this story by translating raw data into easily understandable metrics and trends using today’s business intelligence platforms and data warehousing concepts. My passion is writing this story. I build reporting platforms that enable managers at all levels to make better decisions. Better decision making is a powerful force multiplier for growth with a return on investment that is hard to match.

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We help clients make sense of their data chaos.

Through data management and reporting we can help create insights.

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